Tessy's Testimony

“My name is Tessy , a Nigerian from Imo State, but I live in Ghana. I have had fibroid for the past 15 years and as of November 2018, I had to undergo surgery , but I refused. The fibroid had grown so big to an extent that I menstruated for 14 days with severe pain and heavy flow of blood throughout. I refused surgery because I had just two options, either to lose my life or my womb. Thanks to my LandLord in Ghana, Mr Bennikoi Nikoi has been assisting me financially to fund regular hospital bills to maintain the situation. I resolved to try herbal medicine but couldn’t get a full solution. My friends and family in Nigeria had preached Longrich supplements to me years back. Still, I had put deaf ears to their numerous stories as I never believed the testimonies they shared until I met a student leader from PGW-GHANA called Victoria, who invited me to the 4th anniversary of Longrich Ghana on 30th June 2019.

After numerous presentations, including product presentations by qualified medical practitioners (Dr Amoh of Korlebu teaching Hospital), I decided to follow Victoria to the office to learn more about the products and business opportunities. I started with Longrich Codycep Capsules, Alkaline Cup, Panty Liner , and sanitary pads for my fibroid on Friday 5th July 2019 as my menstruation had begun. As of 9th July 2019, 4 days later , the fibroid had dropped, my fat tummy had reduced, I went through my menstruation without any pain, and of 12th July 2019, my menstruation had ceased and I felt very relieved. I thought they were telling me stories like all other persons do to promote their products but for this one, it is indeed a better life and a better future. – Thanks to Longrich International for creating such life-changing products. – Now, I want to be a 100% ambassador for Longrich”

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