Madam Pamela - Asaba

My TTC journey started seven years ago when my daughter was a year old; though I wasn’t seriously looking to get pregnant, I thought it was still early, it didn’t occur to me that all was not well.

Fast forward to a year later, I realized that the situation was getting out of hand; I started trying real hard, dumped my gynaecologist for several other doctors, no way, visited many clinics, still no way. Same procedure, same test, same this same that.

The worst is that everytime I visit a new doctor, he would condemn the previous tests I’ve undergone, and we’ll start all over. The one I dreaded most was HSG.

As I wasn’t getting anything, I dumped all of them and started visiting trado-medical homes in different towns! Chai! It wasn’t funny at all. I experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of them gave me a charcoal mixture and said I should be rubbing it on my boobs every night, OK ooo, as an obedient desperate woman, I did as she said, and after rubbing it, I will tell my hubby it time to have sex, he would look at me, look at my black breasts and the man will run away.

On different occasions, some herbs will purge me to the point of death, and some will twist the whole intestines inside of me. I nearly died after taking one of those, and hubby angrily discarded the remaining ones and ordered that I never revisit any of those homes!
At that point, I started online research, I turned into a medical doctor overnight, self-medicating as if tomorrow “no dey.” I made customers at the big Drug Market in Onitsha; I would see or hear about a particular fertility drug, Google it, see how it works, the dosage I should take, etc. and fiaaaam! I’m on my way to buy it…..expensive drugs for that matter….and as I’m buying mine, I’m buying for hubby as well. Hubby will be asking for the doctor that prescribed it.

The last one we took was the Almighty Fertile aid, motility boost, count boost, ovary boost, etc… These drugs have a high rate of success stories, but it didn’t work for us. Clomid and the likes of it are old stories cos there were months that my doctor will place me on that, and after ovulation, I will be placed on another type of drug… These past years had been hell for me; the worst was that we couldn’t say that this is the cause of our secondary infertility… So I was advised it may be spiritual ooo, so I stepped up my games in prayer! I started praying like never before and stopped taking anything at all… I started living everyday life, forgetting all my sorrows and silently trusting God for a miracle!!!

Not until months ago that I attended the Longrich seminar, and the Asaba Stockist was training us on product knowledge (then I’ve not registered). I remembered that it had been long. I tried to conceive. I heard lots of testimonies from the seminar. When I wrote, I was still contemplating on which method to use cos I’ve run out of options… When hubby gave me money to register him and bring home products, especially the roll-on, toothpaste, and coffee, I got to the office and changed my mind… Guess what I bought, cordyceps, Berry oil, pantyliner, libao, then two more coffee for him…he was like you’ve started again ooo, I calmed him down and we started taking the cordyceps and the berry oil together, I started using one pack of my liners and sold others off while he’s still using his coffee and he was advertising the coffee for me well, I overheard him telling a friend that he shouldn’t take more than two sachet a day so he wouldn’t kill his wife on bed.

The first day I used my liner, I didn’t need any soothsayer to tell me that it would work! Seeing what came out of my body.

All this while hubby hasn’t started using his libao cos I told him to wait until I get mine, the female product but I couldn’t buy it anymore because my miracle happened! When I missed my period that month, I didn’t take it to heart because I thought it’s one of my irregular cycles.

When I started feeling sick, I told hubby I want to treat malaria, but he said I should wait; let’s run PT first….. I ran the PT at home, and two bold lines came up on the strip; I said to myself, ‘Pamela, maybe there’s a mistake somewhere.’

I entered the rain and headed to the lab close by; when they gave me my result, it was Positive!!!
I screamed, and people gathered to check if I’m well at all.

On getting home again, I started doubting and pinching myself here and there to see if I can wake up, but it’s real! I went to my doctor and told him to conduct a scan on me (still doubting), and after everything, I was confirmed six weeks pregnant!
I was mad. I couldn’t sleep that night; it was too good to be true. Thanks are to Almighty God for making me discover Longrich!

Thanks are God for doing that impossible thing in my life using these products… Thanks are to Him for making Udeme share her story in FIN (Female in Nigeria) Community cos that’s where it all started… Thanks to Him for giving me a very supportive hubby who really understood my travails and solidly stood by me!
Even if Longrich doesn’t take me to obodo oyibo or give me a car and other things again, I don’t mind oooo, I’ve been blessed already!
I can’t keep calm!!!”

– Madam Pamela (Asaba, Delta State).

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