Well for me I think entrepreneurship is a skill that everyone should have it’s a must for all because it actually has a way to improve living conditions and all of that and as a woman bringing it down to what I have enjoyed over the years as an entrepreneur on the Longrich platform…being an entrepreneur has really encouraged me a great deal it has opened me up to lots of opportunities.

It  put me in a position to help other people not just for me alone, not just for my family but also to spread the knowledge, spread the wealth, encouraging other women to also come and try what I’m doing to make money and I feel that being an entrepreneur helps you in such a way that it feels you up with purpose you know what you are doing and you know what your purpose is and every morning you wake up you have a direction. 

You know what you want to do how you want to go about it, it actually has a way of challenging you to be the best, there are a lot of challenges but at the end of the day it just refines you to the best version of yourself and the confidence it brings that comes with it is so amazing because you cannot buy it in the market. 
Knowing that you did this, it’s your resilience it’s your hard work, it’s your focus, its your consistency that brought this success is so amazing and that’s actually why spreading the news and encouraging other people to give it a try is something everyone should do and that’s why I do what I do I encourage women because I believe one thing that actually spoils marriage is lack of money and it doesn’t matter if your husband is wealthy, it doesn’t matter if your husband has it all,  but when you don’t have your own source of income, when you don’t have your own money it always has a way of bringing you down. 

But when you have your own money, when you can stand on your two feet and you get things done without deliberation without talking too much and you just get things done, it builds up your confidence and of course ensures that there is respect., the respect is there because you are not spoken to anyhow you are not treated anyhow because you are not a beggar and being an entrepreneur has also made me understand that we are what we choose, you can make it because the platform is there for you and all you just need to do is to leverage on it and that’s why I’m here on the Longrich platform and everyday I’m fulfilling my dreams everyday I’m helping other people fulfill their dreams and you too can fulfill your dream.

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