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Olachi Omale is the founder of TheOlachi.com and author of the book: Menstrual Hygiene for Ladies and Teenage Girls.
Olachi is a wellness and wealth (W+W) factor coach. She will help you discover and implement your W+W factor using the Longrich platform.

Olachi graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a degree in Accounting and was fortunate to gain employment in an oil and gas servicing firm in Port Harcourt almost immediately, even before NYSC. Working at Geoplex Services Ltd gave her a great sense of achievement and lots of opportunity to learn from highly experienced professionals.

Everything was going great until Olachi encountered health issues that threatened her life; this changed everything in her life. Olachi had just concluded a life-threatening surgery and while in the healing process, she contemplated what was next to do with her life. She was barely two (2) years in marriage, and her first daughter Chioma was ten (10) months old. A few months after Chioma came, the doctor confirmed she had an ectopic pregnancy that needed to be evacuated. The procedure was scheduled in September 2012 and came with additional complications as the Doctor perforated her womb in the process. She opted for a second opinion with an Indian doctor who recommended immediate surgery to remedy the error . The second surgery lasted for an hour and a half, and exactly three days later , she was discharged and placed on antibiotics and painkillers.

Some months after the surgery , her husband accepted another job offer in Lagos, and she and  her family had to relocate from Port Harcourt to Lagos. Olachi took care of their daughter Chioma and managed the home as a housewife. She pondered daily on what to do with her free  time. It was clear to her that 9 – 5 pm would not work as she knew she wanted to do business  but unsure which business to do. It has always been her heart’s desire to go into the footwear industry . She and her husband discussed the possibility of her going to a Cobbler School in Italy , gain capacity , and start her business in Lagos.

At some point, she considered catering services; every other week, the couple hosted family and friends for lunch on Sundays, and they kept coming back for more. These ideas ran through Olachi’s mind, but she was not convinced it was time for any of those businesses – she considered the large-scale capital for any of these businesses.

Sometime in June 2015, Olachi got a call from her elder sister Ozinna Obasi who lived in Port Harcourt. It began as a courtesy call that switched to a business call as Ozinna shared her new business line. Mrs. Ozinna started her career in the media industry and ended up as an entrepreneur; she is what you call a serial entrepreneur – with so much experience from different entrepreneur journeys. After many years of trying, she decided to leave the boutique business and joined a Multi-level Marketing Business on the Longrich platform.

Ozinna shared the Longrich independent distributorship business with Olachi, who turned it down as she could not see herself talking to people. Where will she start from, who will she share the opportunity with? She could not wrap her head around how she would succeed in the business. She believed more in manufacturing, buying, and selling. Exactly eight (8) months later , Olachi received a call from her sister Ozinna; she shared that she had received a car incentive from the company – a 2014 Hyundai Elantra, fully funded two (2) weeks trip to the USA (Florida & New York) and earning weekly sales bonuses in six {6} figures and sometimes making up to seven {7} figures monthly . Hearing this, Olachi reconsidered the opportunity and made up her mind to start the business believing she will succeed; with her sister’s guidance, she could achieve the same results – get the much needed funds for her ultimate shoe manufacturing goal.
She discussed her interest with her husband, who reluctantly gave the nod, and she started the business.

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