About Longrich

Longrich (Longliqi) International is a Chinese/American multinational company established in 1986. It started with a visionary leader, Mr. Xu Zhi Wei. An ordinary carpenter turned businessman who saw opportunities beyond furniture making.

In 29 years of business, Longrich has ventured into other areas such as Cosmetics, Health Care, Household, Furniture, Real Estate, Multi-Level Marketing, Logistics, and Technology showcased in Longrich Phablet Phone (combining the features of the iPhone and the Tablet).

Longrich is known for quality products and has been manufacturing for Original Equipment Manufacturer like Unilever , Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), Procter & Gamble (P&G), T esco, Marks & Spencer , Wal-Mart, Avon, Estee Lauder , Shiseido, Carrefour , Kao, Lion, H.E.B, Pro-Health, Samsung, amongst others. Longrich is based in China with trademarks registered in 184 countries with products sold in Malaysia, South Africa, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Singapore,
Ghana, Nigeria, Hong Kong, and more.

The company currently has the biggest and most technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Asia, with nine (9) Research and Development Institutes in the USA, Japan, China, France, and Nigeria. Longrich began operations in Nigeria in 2013, and its marketing penetration strategy was through independent distributorship and multi-level marketing. Distributors registered with the company and received products. They used the products and encouraged others to join the distributorship through a simple brand switch.

Distributors are paid commission on sales and team performance and receive incentives that range from cars, overseas travels, scholarships, and leadership bonuses once they meet the company set sales target for the year . Longrich products include Toothpaste, Mouth freshener , Mouth wash, Tea Soap (black soap), Liquid soap, etc.

How Did Longrich Start?

Longrich was founded in 1986 by a man called Mr. Xu. Zhiwei, a carpenter whose ultimate desire was to show all the way to wealth. He founded the snake Industry Company of Changshu, which gave birth to the Longrich Group.
Longrich discovered a high demand for skin care products in 1995 during the health production promoting campaign. That was the beginning of Longrich’s journey to become the leader of China’s Daily Chemical Industry.
Longrich, as a leading Chinese cosmetic company, holds a wide variety of household, personal care products, health care products, and pet care products. Its 9 research and development centers in four continents and over 12,000 employees worldwide.
Since its inception, Longrich has enjoyed steady growth and expansion, making it one of the most successful private companies in china. Its trademarks are registered in 183 countries, and its products are sold in over 50 countries and regions around the world.
The Ministry of Commerce licensed Longrich for Direct Selling {multi level marketing} in 2009; beside the traditional sales and direct sales, Longrich also has a proven experience in OEM and ODM, helping firms in China, Nigeria, and other oversea firms manage their production and chain of supply. Longrich also has the capability to provide product research and development, packaging design, raw material procurement, etc. With this achievement , Longrich has provided thousands of high achievers who have dreams for a better life and a better future the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

How to Get Longrich Products

Longrich has a variety of products, and all you need to do is indicate the product of your choice, make a payment, and the product will be shipped to your provided address. Delivery charges may apply depending on your location. 
Purchasing Longrich can also open a massive door of opportunity if you purchase Longrich products worth thirty thousand and above, can serve as your registration, all you need to do is to indicate your interest, provide some details such as your Full Name, Date of Birth, Bank account details, phone number, and your location. We will use this information to generate a membership code for you. We will also add you to our chatroom for training and mentorship. 
If you decide to become a member with Longrich, you stand to benefit a lot from the company, such as free trips aboard, new cars yearly, earning weekly bounces in six and seven figures, with the help of the Moving Heigher Entrepreneurs, this can be your story.

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