I will help you discover and implement your W+W(WEALTH AND WELLNESS) factor using the Longrich platform.
I will help you discover and implement your W+W(WEALTH AND WELLNESS) factor using the Longrich platform.

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Hi, I am Olachi Omale.

“I am the founder of TheOlachi.com and author of the book, Menstrual Hygiene for Ladies and Teenage Girls. I will help you discover and implement your W+W factor using the longrich platform. I learned early that a key success factor in Longrich distributorship was learning and development, which became my own story. I gave myself to learning about the business as I attended several training sessions at Longrich’s head office in Ikeja, Lagos and other training centres. I also read books and attended seminars by top business leaders. Now I spend my days in wellness and wealth also helping my team to give them the development opportunity I had and much more to ensure team growth.

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While in the search for fulfillment, her friend, Olachi Omale introduced her to Network Marketing, January 2017.
At first, Lilian explains, she was very skeptical “how can a shy, introverted lady like me make a success out of network marketing”. “Today I can inspire a lot of people, especially women, and teach them how to build the lives of their dreams. I’m a living proof that anyone can”.

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Lilian Ujah

Amuche Okoye


I had a miscarriage, went for flushing twice, but I still experienced excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. I went back to the hospital, was given antibiotics, was assured it would stop but it didn’t.
I remembered the Longrich Panty Liner and I started using it daily . After about five days, I noticed minor drops of blood, so I changed to Longrich sanitary pad. On the second day, the pain was so severe like I was dying and the pain drugs weren’t working for me anymore until I used tramadol 1000mg and around 5pm, it was as if I was giving birth and it started coming out fatty lumps of clotted blood! At last, I was free, relieved from months of pain. I guess the fetus didn’t flush out well, our panty liner and pad finished the job! Thank you, Jesus, it ended in praise; thank you for the gift of Longrich!


“My name is Tessy , a Nigerian from Imo State, but I live in Ghana. I have had fibroid for the past 15 years and as of November 2018, I had to undergo surgery , but I refused. The fibroid had grown so big to an extent that I menstruated for 14 days with severe pain and heavy flow of blood throughout…

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Madam Pamela


The first day I used my liner, I didn’t need any soothsayer to tell me that it would work! Seeing what came out of my body. All this while hubby hasn’t started using his libao cos I told him to wait until I get mine, the female product but I couldn’t buy it anymore because my miracle happened! When I missed my period that month, I didn’t take it to heart because I thought it’s one of my irregular cycles.

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